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Special Vehicle

Customized special vehicles. Also for small order !
Cement mixer truck, sewage suction truck, and sprinkler, etc.

Professional Team

We provide innovative and cost-effective vehicle power solutions.
Every professional in our team is always ready to help.
Various specifications of explosion-proof vehicles and personal carrier truck are also available.

Relaible Manufacturer

DuraMac is one of leading manufacturers of explosion-proof engine and vehicle in China.
With successful experience on explosion-proof engine and vehicle for over ten years.
DuraMac has successfully modifided Caterpillar and Cummins engines to explosion-proof engine.

Cement Mixer Truck

Rationality, Reliability, Easy Operation, Convenience

Fuel Tank Truck

Safety, Durability, Stability, Enviromentality, Economy

Sewage Suction Vehicle

Reliabilty, Excellecy, High Suction Capacity

Lift Truck

Rapid Moving, Convenient Operation, Safety, Lifting

Pickup Truck

Strong Power, Comfort, Adaptability, Practicabilty


High Pressure, Multi-purpose, Environmentality


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